All of Metroplex Spoilers Painted Aerodynamic Spoilers have a limited three year warranty on its products to be free of manufacturers defects from the original date of purchase (p.o.p. required). Warranty coverage is provided for paint defects, peeling, and or other paint adhesion and finish defects. Metroplex Spoilers will match the O.E. color of the spoilers to the factory color specifications. Factory specifications allow for a degree of variance, both lighter and darker, due to many factors. Metroplex Spoilers cannot be responsible for this variance. With vehicles 2 years and older, we cannot be responsible for color match due to fading. Seller's and manufacturer's only obligations shall be to replace the product proven to be defective by Metroplex Spoilers. We shall not be liable or responsible for injury, loss or damages, direct or consequential, such as improper installation, misuse, abuse, scratches, chips or fading due to neglect, or unauthorized repairs. Metroplex Spoilers will not be responsible for any damage caused to other parts by defective product or any other costs. Failure to follow any of the instructions provided will void warranty, expressed and implied.